CATERING RANGE             



                                                                             *We cater for Vegetarian and Gluten free dietary requirements.*


                                                Sandwich Range: $6.50 per round                                                                       Chicken Rolls: $4.50ea

                                                      Ham, Cheese, Tomato                                                                                        Tandoori chicken, tzatziki & spinach

                                                      Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato (BLT)                                                                           Chicken Schnitzel, mayo & lettuce

     About Us                                Chicken Mayo & Lettuce                                                                                  Cocktail Rolls - $3.00ea

     Eat In Menu                           Egg, mayo & lettuce                                                                                            Cocktail sausage rolls

     Catering                                 Tuna, mayo, springonion & lettuce                                                                       Cocktail meatballs with Tomato relish

     Contact Us                             Roast beef, chutney, cheese, tomato, carrot                                                         Cocktail sausage with chutney

                                                      Roast beef, mustard, tomato, spinach                                                                  Cocktail chicken skewers with pineapple

                                                      Bacon, avocado, tomato & cheese                                                                      Cocktail fruit skewers

                                                      Tuna, mayo, cucumber, tomato                                                                  Savory Tarts & Rolls - Small $2.00ea / Large $4.00ea

                                                      Turkey, lettuce, cranberry sauce                                                                         Spinach, mushroom & cheese tart

                                                      Turkey, tomato, cucumber, lettuce                                                                      Spinach, ricotta rolls

                                                      Salami, sundried tomato, cheese                                                                         Mini spring rolls

                                                      Salami, cheese, olives, tomato                                                                            Mini quiches

                                                  Sweets from $3.50                                                                                               Mini spinach & ricotta triangle

                                                      You can choose from our daily range of                                                              Mini cornish pasties

                                                       slices, cakes, muffins and biscuits or                                                                   Mini party pies

                                                       ask us if you are after a specific item                                              











                             A FIESTA OF FINE COFFEE & FOOD!!